My wife and I have constant discussions about having a child. It's something we both want, and we are pretty much ready for it because as my wife puts it, we are perpetually ready for it because, well, it's a baby, and she asks me if anyone in history is "ready" for a baby and how the process of being ready is ridiculous. I can see how some may have legitimate arguments otherwise, but I also see her logic clearly. it finally brought us to the discussion of childcare post-birth.


As a mom already, my wife knows the expenses and the logistics of arranging childcare, and as you may know it's quite expensive. All this is quite new to me, anyone I talk to about this has told me as well. My wife has the big career in our family, so when it came to childcare plan, I was optioned to be a stay-at-home dad.

Which brings me to my question.

Would You Become A Stay-At-Home Dad? What would it take for you to become a stay-at-home dad?

The answer for me is yes, I'll explain.

I saw a question on Reddit asking if one's wife were to make 500k a year would they become a Stay-at-home dad? This made me think back to the discussion my wife and I had on the situation. No one commented on the Reddit post so I'm not sure if others had the same sentiment as I do. My wife certainly doesn't make 500k a year, but she does "bring the bacon home" if you will, so when we have a child, I'll have to step up my game. I won't necessarily retire, but I'll definitely work from home.


If your wife made a significant amount of money, would you consider retiring or working from home to take care of the youngins?

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