You love your animal friends. I sure do. My family and I share pictures of what our pets are doing via text at all times of the day. If you're like me, sometimes you would rather stay at home and cuddle with the pup or the cat and just have petting sessions all day. Alas, we have to be yanked from our comfort zone and head to our jobs and wait to come home, thinking about our friends all day. Sometimes it is indeed hard to leave.


There is a side of the internet, a cute, cuddly and funny side that you can find during those long working days on your smartphone during your break or lunch hour of pets and animals goofing around and you can find them on all sorts of places. I tend to find most of my 'aww' and funny animal moments on You Tube, reddit or Tiktok.

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It provides endless hours of fun to anyone with time and a smartphone, I'm sure you have one of the two.

If life has you down or rather bored, animals never fail to please. We have some funny cats, sand and snow doggos, and zoo animals.

@joe_rain0 The end😂😂 #cat#dog#funny#pets#funnyvideos#animals#catsoftiktok#cats#dogs#pet♬ Cancan - As des As
Pets playing sports, and an itchy bear.

@joe_rain0 Funny pet #dog#pet♬ Timber - CDM Project
Try not to laugh at this old Vine pet compilation on You Tube. 

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