We are inching towards the end of the week, and its time to think about winding down after a hectic week at the grind. You belly up to the bar and grab a beer, but here's the catch. You don't have a choice, you just get one.

I wanna play a game.


Before you go to the bar, you have to choose one beer that you drink for the rest of your life. Well this one can be a tough one, especially for me because I love variety and I always will.

I have a favorite beer for about 3-6 months depending on what it it is and sometimes I burn myself out on it.When I turned 21, I swore that my all time favorite beer was Newcastle Brown Ale. I drank it all the time, but 3 years in I got burnt out on it, and then I turned to Micro brews. Delicious.

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I was trolling reddit once again, and a question was posed about only having one beer for the rest of your life. It might seem like a no brainer for some people, but it had some pretty interesting comments.

The count on domestic beer choices like Bud, Miller, and Coors were quite low. Domestics with the exception of micro-brews and Rainier were nonexistent. One that ranked was Guinness. I'm not surprised because no matter how you take it Guinness is always a great decision. Foreign beers like the aforementioned Guinness were popular like Sapporo, Carona, and Tecate.

To answer the question on what beer I would pick if I could only have one beer for the rest of my life would be Stella Artois.


Let us know what beer you would choose.


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