Travelling about in the city, you may notice the prevalence of the scooters parked in various locations. Now before you start lining up to take your shots back at me, hear me out on what I mean by "ticket to ride" and why I think we may need something that will curb some of the discarded scooters by riders in the city.

Great Falls Needs These!

As our city may seem like it has slow growth, that hasn't seemed to slow down any of the traffic that happens.  Especially at peak hours across the day.  The scooters provide a great service to make it easier to get around during those hours.  When family from out of town arrives it can be an exciting and new way to show them our fine city.  Even just taking an afternoon with the family can be an enjoyable way to experience Great Falls from a different aspect.

We Are Making Our City More Attractive!

It may seem a little double speak, but yes, they do.  While I don't like seeing them parked at various areas left as if the rider doesn't care, they do offer ways above and beyond that.  As mentioned with family or friends, it's a great way to show them around.  But it is also attractive to potential new arrivals in our city when looking for certain amenities.

But Here Is Where I Deviate From Cool To Not So Cool

Kudos to the business owners that have brought this to Great Falls.  Forward, outside the box thinking that will make our city more available to that many more people.  You do a wonderful job in keeping up with what I can imagine is a royal you know what in the you know where.  It's the renters that need a swift kick!  Why is it so hard to park the scooter in a better place than in the sidewalk?  I understand you rode it from it's location and arrived at your destination, but to just leave it lying on the side of the walkway?

Ticket To Ride

In certain instances, you can be ticketed for blocking the sidewalk.  As a business or as an individual.  Ask anyone who has hosted a street type event, keeping the sidewalks and areas available for people is right up on the list for being safe.  As it should be.  You may be ticketed for parking your vehicle in the sidewalk or even the boulevard at your home. Maybe for those that are renting the scooters and leaving them in terrible places, there should be a fine.  Something minimal, but yet something that would perhaps take notice across the city for people who seem to not be able to respect not only other people's hard earned investment, but the value in keeping our city looking decent.

Check the gallery below to see what I found and as always hit me up with the app from the link below, or hit the socials with a comment instead!  Happy scootering about everyone!

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Scooters Across Great Falls, MT

Scooters are wonderful, but perhaps we need to learn to park them better.

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