Social media is everywhere, I don't need to inform anyone of that. The advent of new social media has waned a bit, but for the existing sites, they are more than ever trying to find a way to keep those thumbs and eyes glued to the endless stream to keep that revenue going.

I began thinking of Social media addiction the other night while I was scrolling through TikTok. I didn't of long how long I was sitting there using the app until a TikTok sponsored message told me that I was scrolling awhile and I needed to close the app, stand up, get some water, and finally to go to sleep. I can be stubborn at times, I don't need to be told what to do especially if a computer algorithm is trying to tell me so even if it indeed was 11:30pm, and I did actually have to go to bed.

Social media sends me mixed messages, should I leave or keep scrolling?

As I close the app I thought about a TikTok I saw, it was a guy talking about social media and him asking the question if it's just as bad as any other  addiction like alcohol or drugs. It obviously hits all the same buttons as drug and alcohol, it's more accessible than  dangerous drugs, and its legal.

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Will society in the future see support groups and addiction counselors start to cater to those who use social media too much?

In past years, companies tried to integrate social media into work, and everyday living for the greater good. But lately, it seems that idea has somewhat backfired into a hellscape of misinformation that our eyes can't seem to look away from.

I could be worrying too much, but I can see this becoming a real issue in the not so distant future.

It's ironic that I'm telling you to do this, but give us your thoughts on social media.

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