There's things everyone would like to change, whether it's for themselves or change about the planet. Of course this is just merely science fiction and no one can change what going on, whats going to happen, or what happened in the past. If one could, I can bet things would be mixed up so much that it would end all existence and the universe would become a giant black hole. How lovely would that be?


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There's always hypothetical questions on Reddit. I was staring at r/askreddit this morning and it asked if one thing could be erased from existence, what would it be? The answers are quite humorous and some are quite serious.


I ended up answering playfully saying the food item chili, like the stew you eat during football games and cold weather, more said stuff like certain songs, bands like U2, TV shows, sexual kinks, and people which sees like a red flag to me. However, others answered in a more serious way like war, hate, disease, sickness, Ideas of entitlement as in expecting something for or from nothing, social media, and breaking that down into a certain social media platform at times.

One that stuck out to me is organized religion. This was a genuine hot topic on Reddit and it doesn't surprise me at all. The thought of erasing organized religion can be a scary thing for people to even fathom. It brings love, joy, and peace of mind. On the other hand, I can understand because we have war, hate and general disarray at the hands of organized religion.

It's something to think about when making a completely hypothetical decision such as erasing something from existence.


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