Famous people have big houses, very big houses. I’ve never understood the big house thing because here in Montana, it takes a lot to heat places during the long winters both economically and environmentally. In places like California however can get away with a lot of that stuff. I’ve seen quite a few celebrity homes being a part of the MTV generation watching Cribs. Michael Jordan and Shaq have sweet indoor basketball courts, Ice-T has a candy machine on his second floor, Ted Nugent fires his bow and arrow in his basement and Pharrell looks like he lives in a community college.  

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Flea, bassist from The Red Hot Chili Peppers, has a crazy mansion in Los Angeles that he is trying to sell for 8.8 million dollars. According to Digg, it's designed using three architectural styles on a 5.7-acre hilltop compound, has five bedrooms and bathrooms as well as ridiculous views of the city. It boasts a pool, a movie pavilion, which is fancy speak for outdoor theater, a courtyard, and is built in three pieces. The original structure, additional seven-sided structure and a cabin. If I had to pick a favorite spot, it would be the courtyard with all the awesome succulents. All the interior walls have very extreme angles about them giving privacy to each room, which is something I’ve personally never seen before, but if you still need a door, there's pocket doors you can pull. Said pocket door when closed looks like a wall, so makes the room look inescapable, that’s different. Everything looks larger than life in this place. Take a look for yourself and leave a comment in social media.  



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