It's slick out there in the streets now that we are well seated with the snow for the season. Wrecks have been minimal so far, and we don't drive very fast in Montana.

However, a large percentage of people still drive and do not use a blinker. Now this might not be you, but I know you've seen it. The car in front of you turns at the last moment and no turn signal is engaged.

For years my parents, and my driving teach always said to use it for safety, so it stuck in my head. I like to signal one half block before my intended move, it just seems safe.

With current road conditions, the inside half of the lane on any given street in Great Falls turns into a de facto turn lane where people go around you while you wait for oncoming traffic, that doesn't seems safe to me, but that's a whole other story. In those "lanes" I still see that some don't use a turn signal. I mostly see this on 9th street by my house and I'm always fearful of a collision happening. It's scary.

I've seen both passive aggressive and aggressive messages on the internet in meme form on how to use one's indicator lights. Maybe they need to be put up on billboards across town. In this town's case, maybe every third intersection for a year straight or until someone complains that it's yucking their view.

In any case, be safe, be curious. Use your turn signals.

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