On July 26, 2022 I wrote an article about how some people were trying to make it so adults in Cascade County couldn't buy the recreational marijuana we voted in TWICE in Montana.  This is the follow-up I promised.

As I was driving into work today, I heard Pat Frisch doing a news report on how Julie Bass told Pat that they thought they were going to have enough signatures to have pot on the ballot, AGAIN, in Cascade County.  I thought, "Wow, they may just do it.  I have grossly overestimated the desire for Marijuana in Cascade County." This article discusses having recreational pot made ILLEGAL in Cascade County.  There are several other pot related issues.

Fast forward to this afternoon where Pat filled me in on the real story.  According to Pat, he talked to Rita Fontana Moore, Clerk and Recorder for Cascade County.  She told Pat they needed about 7600 valid signatures and with the deadline today they had gathered less than 2000. Less than 2,000. That's a far cry from about 7,000 needed by 5pm today, August 24, 2022, to get it on the ballot.  They can still get it on a May or November ballot, but it will cost them money to do so.  Moore is still waiting for a legal opinion on whether or not the group can use the current signatures they have, or whether they would have to start fresh.

We'll talk more about this group's gaslighting later in the article.

Pat also let me know that Rita Fontana Moore told him that pot IS INDEED on the ballot.  Here's what we'll be voting on:

  1. City of Great Falls issue on whether or not to allow dispensaries in city limits
  2. Cascade County asking if they should tax marijuana.
  3. Cascade County asking if marijuana should remain legal in county
Julie Bass came in and did an interview with Pat and Randy on 560 KMON not long after her and I visited at Farmer's Market.  First thing I want to point out is on this picture
Tammie Toren/Townsquare Media
Tammie Toren/Townsquare Media

Anti Marijuana

GF Farmer's Market

In the corner is a little tiny, sign that says "Safe Montana, Stephen Zabawa, Treasurer PO Box 20515 Billings, Montana".  When I said, "Why is someone in Yellowstone County worried about what goes on here?" Bass got really defensive and then tried to gaslight me some more.  She was a very typical gaslighter.  Putting me down, laughing at my questions, NEVER answering my questions, and basically as rude as a person can get. There's nothing stopping us from writing Mr. Zabawa and letting him know what we think of him getting in on our business in our County, by the way.

Randy Bogden sent me the links she fed him as facts.  They're opinion pieces, and here they are:


I looked at all of them.  They're nothing but trash.  Pure opinion pieces that they're trying to pass along as fact.  They WANT pot to be bad because it's all they know.  You have to remember that gaslighters THINK their opinion is fact because they can't fathom that anyone thinks any differently than they do.  And they're BIG fans of trying to force the population in general to live the life they've chosen for themselves.

Obviously this


Is SO MUCH better and safer than this

Getty Images
Getty Images

Cannibas bar Canada

Adults enjoying legal Marijuana

Personally, as a bartender for a couple of years, I take stoners over drunks any day.  I mean it.  Never once did a high person get in a fight in the bar, cause a ruckus or hurt someone emotionally. They don't order lots of drinks, they get a good amount of food, and they're really good tippers.



Burning Pot leaf

So smoke it if you got it!  It's still legal in Cascade County, Montana.

If anything develops, I will let you know.

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