My best friend from high school, Jaime Taber, lives in Worcester, Massachusetts so I headed East for some summer bestie time mid-August.

I don't even want to think about how much money I spent on Ubers the week I was in Worcester.  I'll tell you that this Montana girl, who's been driving since around 9-10 years old (helping move equipment on the farm) can NOT hang with the insane drivers there.  The horn is their most used part of the car.  I'm telling you, after driving once, I happily paid people to drive me and Jaime around and that's all I have to say about that.

In Worcester, it was all about seeing Jaime's place, getting to know her town and hanging out with the people who are a part of her daily life.  If you know anything about Jaime and me, it's all about the food anyway.  Most days in Worcester were spent visiting, but there were some highlights I wanted to share with you.

We took an afternoon and went to the Worcester Art Museum.  We were there 4 hours and it felt like barely 45 minutes.  For me, the very best part was the Egyptian Exhibit.  Unfortunately, I didn't know I could take pictures until we were well out of the exhibit.  It was so amazing.  A woman from Worcester spent her life collecting Egyptian jewelry.  Upon her passing, it was gifted to the museum.  Seeing artifacts that date back to actual pharaohs was something I can't even put into words.  We hear about Egypt from the time we are children, but seeing these things in person is something indescribable.  In addition to the jewelry, there were Egyptian Statues, art work and even a Sarcophagus for a baby.  They even had an area where you could touch stones found in the exhibits and smell the herbs they used to make perfumes back then.  I so wish I could show you.  Included in my gallery are pictures of the Mayan Exhibit and some incredible artwork.  The one piece of art I wish I could show you, we weren't allowed to photograph.  I saw an Andy Warhol.  You know the one, the picture of the tomato soup can.  It took my breath away because I didn't really know if I'd get to see any famous art in my lifetime that wasn't a Charlie Russell.  I also saw a Kincade.  It was a big deal for me. I wanted to go back and get pictures of the Egypt Exhibit, but they were closing.

Another day we walked downtown for supper, and saw Worcester in a different light.  I'd mostly only experienced it at Jaime's house and my AirBnB.  Downtown had a whole "modern historic" feel with steep hills and lots of brick.  That's my jam, and it didn't disappoint.

Now, on to the food!  We had some great food in Worcester!  Greek food that was to die for at Meze Estiatorio, Charcuterie to knock your socks off at Armsby Abbey, and some really great Sushi from Baba Sushi.  What's a vacation album without great foodie pictures?

Pictures from Boston my next article.

Worcester, MA

Worcester, MA


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