Many people on this planet on a day-to-day basis perform some very dangerous jobs, some jobs that if one wasn't incredibly skilled would not survive the first hour of work. I've heard of some of these jobs and never really thought about the effort, patience, and skill these really take. Well, maybe one of the examples, but nonetheless I feel it would take a lot of guts to perform these day in and day out.

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Underwater Welding

I know a few people that have this training, however looking into a reddit post about this yielded a number of factors one has to deal with in this insane job. One, there is the skill of welding under water, as well as elements to deal with. One would expect to just dive down and perform duties, but people have to worry about underwater currents, heavy equipment, and lack of light. all those together to me seem like a recipe for disaster for the unprepared.

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This job may seem a bit romantic from watching people like James Bond in the movies, but some accounts from older retired spies is that these jobs are long, agonizing, and very dangerous. From my readings it seems cold war spies from many different countries had to deal with very dicey situations that were long drawn out over many years gathering intelligence and trust from the people or organizations they had a target upon. It seems the smart survive in this line of work.

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A dream of many a young person, the job astronaut is very alluring on account of you getting to go to space, gosh darn it! That's a cool idea. Space. As we have seen in footage of these scientists and technicians at the International Space Station that you are literally floating space. They are tethered from where ever they are working from presumably safe, but what if safety measures fail? In space, the force of gravity is absent and if you are put on a trajectory into the final frontier, there's little chance of coming back. Floating, forever.

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  Radio Tower Climbers

Radio towers are the big reddish-orange and white metal antennas you see at the edge of town that are taller than seemingly anything else as far as the eye can see, with good measure because it helps with broadcast all sorts of frequencies. The people that have to climb them for inspection or repair are true rock stars for ascending incredible heights to manage these titan structures, one wrong move or clip out of place and you'll need a parachute.

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Do you have a particularly dangerous job, or would you do these jobs? Let us know about it on social media.

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