With a new year comes remodeling and spring cleaning. You want to move stuff around and get rid of things you might not need.


You round up a truck load of things together to take to your local Goodwill and head over there. When you get there, you are presented with a problem. They will not accept a number of the items you bring and your still stuck with a truck load of stuff even though you made some sort of donation.

There are indeed some items that the goodwill refuses to accept on a few different terms.

According to a regional Goodwill site, some of the reasons include safety issues, as well as environmental and legal concerns.

A lot of these items include out of date technology, used appliances, bulky appliances, and certain types of clothing.


At first I thought I have seen furniture in a Goodwill before but I realized that I was in a St. Vincent De Paul and they indeed accept furniture. Reasoning seems to come down to sanitation and bulk. Here has been an elevated issue with bed bugs and the like in the last ten years.



The goodwill no longer accepts Televisions that are non-flat screen TV's. This is due to the digital conversions that happened some time ago with incompatibility with modern tech like game systems and the like. I bumped into this trying to donate one of those old wood panel TV sets from the 1900's. I got immediately turned down.


Building Materials

Although many people need building items donated because of high prices, Goodwill doesn't accept items like lumber, toilets, sinks, fencing and concrete. However if you need to donate such items, Building resource places do exist for just those items.


Other items include box springs, most mattresses, dirty and unkempt clothing and highchairs.

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Goodwill stores in different places have somewhat different rules to what they will and will not accept, but at the same time these major items seem universal across the board.


Have some of your old belonging been turned away? Let us know on social media.

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